How I imports my first item from China for N340 naira

You have shown interest to learn how I purchased necklace for just N340 naira on Aliexpress and was delivered to the post office near my home.

The interesting part is I did all this stuff with my mobile phone, it’s Nokia XL 1030.imports from China with mobile phone

How cool was that?

This is the reason why I decided to buy something for as low as N340 naira from China.

1. I don’t want to risk my money for something I haven’t been into.

2. I want to test and see how the process will be like.

3. I want to know how long it will take to arrive.

I know many of you are thinking what I am thinking right?

Well, to me I have had the best experience so far, but there’s a huge risk in this kind of transactions if done not right.

You are here to learn step by step guide how I purchased my first item from China and was delivered to me.

Here we go, below are step by step guide.

Do you have a MasterCard or Visa with your bank?

Do you really owned a Visa or MasterCard from your local bank?

Normally when you have an account with DiamondBank, GTB, Access, UBA or First Bank, you will be giving a credit card.

I don’t want to go into more details, simply because I knew some of you already have an idea.

What I really want you to understand is that you must have a valid credit card to shop online.

In my case, I owned a GTB Naira MasterCard.

When I purchase anything online by which the currency is dollar, GTBank will automatically convert the money in my savings account into dollars to pay it.

When you have your own credit card, shopping will be easier for you. It doesn’t have to be GTBank only.

Almost every Bank’s MasterCard or Visa in Nigeria are valid for online shopping.

Is there any post office near your resident?

No matter where you are in Nigeria, there must be a post office.

It is very important to know which one is closer to you.

The things you purchase from China will be delivered to the post office closer to the billing address you use.

Mobile phone is one of my favourite tool to make money online, and my gate to every online marketplace in the world.

If you have any smart phone, android or Windows, this is were we can have some fun.

If you have computer not mobile phone, you can also join us. But mobile phone is more fun because you can do it on top of your bed, or when you are waiting for taxi.

If you are using android phone, simply go to your android Play-Store.

Me, I am using Nokia XL 1030.

I will show you how I got my Aliexpress mobile app.

Step one. In Nokia XL there’s app store, so as all smartphones.

Step two. I went to the app store and clicked the search icon at the top right corner.

Step three. In the app store, I searched for the keyword “Aliexpress”

Step four. I find the right app (which is the second option in screenshot below) and then click “download”.

Step Five. It takes few seconds to finished download.

That’s all for me, I have my own Aliexpress mobile app.

Like I said, any type of smartphone you are using you can be able to get Aliexpress mobile app.

But to make things easier for you, click here to visit aliexpress web page.

Register with Aliexpress

I registered with aliexpress before I started shopping.

To register with Aliexpress and start your shopping online, make sure you have valid email address, mobile phone number and valid credit card.

Make sure that you have easy to find billing address.

Now go to your Aliexpress mobile app or Web page.

Click on the menu sign at the top left corner of the app or website.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Click on the “Join Free”How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

It will appear like this, but don’t worry.

Click “Register” at the bottom of this page, it will take you to the main registration page.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Now, fill out the form that appear at the registration page and click on “Agree & Create Account”How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Well, the rest of the work is pretty simple.

You will be ask to confirm your email address. That’s it.

Find trusted seller

Finding reliable seller on Aliexpress is kind of complicated, but don’t worry, I will take you through that in brief.

– Go to your Aliexpress app or the website and click on “All Categories”How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

– On the product Categories, you can click on any product you want.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

– But for this tutorial sake, let’s use “Jewelry & Accessories” category for example.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

– Click on “Jewelry &Accessories” as shown in the screenshot above.

– Select any type of jewellery you want, it might be necklace, hearings, bracelet or rings.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Let’s use necklace for this tutorial.

– Click on “Necklace & Pendants” as shown in the screenshot above.

– Another option will pop-up like this, then hover to “Chain Necklace” and click on it.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

You will see a list of products like this, now click on “Best Match”How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

– A list will appear like this, from here you can choose to view products by “Seller’s Ratings” or by “Number of Orders”How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Most of the time I view products by “Number of Orders”, from there I can be able to see the popular item with a lot of reviews.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

Look at the first necklace from the screenshot above, now you can clearly see that it has a lot of reviews. See screenshot below.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

See what people are saying about this particular necklace.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

See what Nigerians are saying about the necklace.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app

This is one of the simplest way to understand a reliable seller on Aliexpress.

I will show you how to find a trusted seller in different ways on my next post, Just stay up-to-date.

See the Item I purchased on Aliexpress with just N340 naira and was delivered to me.

See the review I left after receiving my order.See the picture of the necklace I snapped.

See the same necklace I snapped.How to imports with aliexpress mobile app


You can order the same necklace just to test and see it for your self, N340 naira is not a risk at all for anyone planning to start importing from China.

See my order details

See anothe one.


Shopping online with mobile phones are quite easy.

You can shop from any kind of online marketplace all over the world.

Mobile phones are powerful tool that can make you a lot of money online.

I use my phone to do a lot of things online.

Put aside reading of news, chatting with friends and visiting forums, with mobile phone you can do wonders.

If there’s something you don’t understand, kindly leave your comment, ask anything about what I have discussed, I will be able to explain.

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